When you talk about rafting on the African continent the colonial town of Uganda called Jinja is the place to raft. Jinja is the place where the source of the Nile the second longest river in the whole world found. for 10 years white water enthusiasts have been rafting on the adventurous Nile.
The trip normally begins at a slow pace as your expert guide taking you through the do’s and don’ts on the Nile. As you approach Bujagali falls the river becomes more adventurous due to the aggressiveness of the waters, mostlt during the morning hours. At itanda also know as the ”place of men” alot of rafter’s are seen passing on the land due to the power the Nile exbhits but still the strong always pass.
The grading of the rapids rafted on this stretch of the Nile range from 1 – 5. At each of the larger (higher graded) rapids you are given the option of whether you want to go the hard way (through the middle) or the easy way (around the edge). The choice is voted on, however, it might not always turn out the way you expected because you (everyone in the raft) if do not paddle in the right direction you may not take the route you wanted.
The family rafting trip is a wonderful river journey for the whole family. Instead of choosing the biggest and wildest rapids, these rafts instead drift swiftly between the beautiful forested islands, bounce down smaller rapids and explore the many different channels of the river.