About us

Driven by the passion for adventure and fun fare, the founders of Okapi Bulyah tours and travel were compelled to share their experiences with the world. Having extensively traveled throughout the great lakes region, there was a great need to unveil and introduce this “wonderful” land full of beautiful cultures, awesome climate, beautiful sceneries, lots of animals and Bird species ready for you to explore in the most Eco friendly safaris customized to your personal needs and budget.

We are based in Kampala Uganda with a good supportive team both in Uganda and Germany


”To be the leading provider of quality, creative customer satisfactory Eco friendly tours with in the East African region as we protect mother nature for the coming generation. ”


”To serve our clients with enhanced travel experience by providing quality services that address their travel needs, through the most efficient arrangements so as customer’s loyalty,superior, financial results and excellent satisfaction can be achieved”

Why the name Okapi Bulyah Tours?

Okapi (zebra giraffe) is one of the only living members of the Giraffidae family. Its coat is a chocolate to reddish brown, much in contrast with the white horizontal stripes and rings on the legs, and white ankles. It’s also a very polite, down earth and gentle wild species and it’s the emblem in our Company logo.

One of our company founder’s (Joseph Wandega) values the Okapi lifestyle that much to the extent that he was nick named Mr. Okapi. The other founder is called Nakibuule Neonah whose Nick name is Bulyah with the meaning she keeps as a secret but we believe, it’s an abbreviation of her names.

As these two had conservation on their experience with the safaris they had around the great lake region. They found it meaningful to share their experience with the entire world thus forming Okapi Bulyah tours a company fully incorporated in the Ugandan laws whose license number is 80020001939202.

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